Welcome to Geg & Tosk!


Greetings from Mr. Gjon Dukë Gilaj.

Geg & Tosk is the pinnacle of Albanian traditional experience. With an authentic restaurant, bar, unmatched service, superior hotel amenities, an exclusive collection of Albanian artifacts, and a stunning hillside panoramic view, no one is equal to Gheg & Tosk.

Located in the city of Shkodra, just one hour and half from Tirana, Geg & Tosk is the optimal visitor’s gateway. The large property offers a restaurant with the most authentic Albanian menu designed with pride from our Albanian chefs to reflect the best of Albanian cuisine, a collection of ancient Albanian costumes, a hotel where contemporary amenities are traditional architecture are intertwined to provide comfort without losing authenticity of surroundings.

As a Shkodran, and the proud owner of this facility, I am committed to providing exceptional service by paying homage to the ethics of Albanian hospitality while ensuring luxury and a sense of authenticity.
At Geg and Tosk, you are not just another tourist, you are our friend.

Gjon Dukë Gilaj


Youtube video:

“Gastronomy, Hospitality and Tradition in Albania – Interview with chef Gjon Dukgilaj”