The Restaurant

The restaurant prides in staying true to the Art of preparation of Albania dishes and its meze serving style. It is authentic approach that makes it renown throughout the world. The restaurant continually improves and perfects the craft of Ancient Albanian cuisine.

The Albanian cuisine
From the clay dishes used for the baking and cooking, the preparation of pita bread, to the fish and meat dishes that taste great when accompanied with Albanian drinks, the chefs pride in helping guests in knowing the essence of Albanian cuisine. The combination of culinary elements is arranged to please the human senses. Esthetically pleasing to the eyes, it draws in guests with its luring aromas while daily tantalizing the taste buds of its guests and clientele alike.

The dishes
The region of Shkodra is popular for its mountainous meat production, lake and rivers fish, along with other rivers products, sea products, wineries, and fruit bearing trees that enrich the Art of the cuisine and elaborate the restaurant’s menu. The tantalizing dishes include Sereme baked cheese, clay baked fish, carp filled, grilled fish fillet, wild trout, wild mushrooms, wild blueberries, corn flower pitas from homegrown corn and the popular Cervish. The variety of meat dishes include veal, seasonal goat, eight month old lamb, wild goat, mountain pork, wild pork fillet and grilled vegetables.

The Art of Albanian cuisine can be found in the preparation of Pasterma meat jerky and the dry meat using organically grown spices of the region such as sage and coastal oregano, Kopliku rosemary, mountainous Trumza, the red and black juniper that lures people with piujet and Qeparo oil. Tespixhe is a traditional Shkodra sweet,which is often accompanied with Mountain Chai, Homemade yogurt according to geg and toske Traditions makes for a fresh side to any dish, the quince compote, jams and marmalades on fresh baked bread taste are best with mountain Cajupi chai. Resaurant guests can easily detect the freshness of wild apples and other regional forest fruits of the season.


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